Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

So today is February 14th and you know what that means...for some it's one of the happiest days they have and for other it's one of the saddest...but I'm not sure why that is. Well I'm one of these happy is a Holiday kind of people. I love Valentine's day. Sure it would be great to have that someone special in your life, but what is up with the all I hate Valentine's day....really it's a fun day to be out and about with you loved ones....that right loved ONES. Who cares if you are single or a couple...for me it means a new outfit. Witch brings me to my point this year instead of buying a new outfit I made mine. That's right I can kind of sew...well this was my first a temped and I'm not going to lie it's not perfect but it's works, the only way to see the flaws is if you look really close to it and if you are that close to it you better have a ring for me....jk...I find it a great outfit for the day and it was made by me...will the skirt was the top part I already had. So for me it's a great today!
Tons of Love.

Monday, February 13, 2012


So I'm Way excited for tonight. In Family Home Evening for the Heritage Park Ward group C we are going to have a great time. I'm giving the lesson on the "Plan of Salvation." At first is was kind of scared, but then I started to plan and I just could not fine any thing.
Me being the person I am I can go into FHE again with out a lesson this time, so playing on pinterest I found a blog that helped my so much. thank you to http://www.theredheadedhostess.com You have saved me from failing at teaching a lesson for FHE.
Well It's off to plan some more...not to say I still need to put together a basket for the date basket thingy next week.

Well tons of Love.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Party Came and Went

So Taryn's Birthday party was a hit...We had a lot of fun. The Get Air was great, it just seem to have a lot of little kids, but well worth it. Then Games at Megan's was fun. We played all sorts of games: Funny Bones, Apples to Apples (not so fun when your with a lot of people) and Spoons. The food was great, we had Cupcakes, Sugar Cookies, Veggies, Chips, Pizza, Drinks, Candy and much more. I just Want to Thank Megan for letting us use her home, and Brooke for helping plan it. It was great, I had fun and hope every on else did as Well...
Tons of love...