Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Michelle!

Happy Birthday to my good friend Michelle...Well it's to bad our friend can never remember birthdays, well besides I made my triple chocolate treat cake for Michelle for her birthday, it was great. Two layers of chocolate fudge cake with chocolate chips, a nice whipped chocolate frosting and white chocolate chips on tops...sadly i have miss placed my tips for I had to do with what a say never the less it was a great cake, we did have a blast with slip and slids, and the the lovely movie "We bought a Zoo". What a great day for Michelle, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July Every one...what are you doing today? Well for me it was an early day...up at 6 to set up for Layton Days with the best sister around...I love the holidays they're the best. Once we set up our both it was off to work. While at work i was able to paint my nails with the new nail polish...Magnetic polish it's way cool. And as always I have a new out fit for the 4th...I think it kind of reminds me of Wonder Women...I'm not sure why. Then it's once 4 ish comes around it's off to Layton day's, where we'll be having a blast with Mel and Linda. Happy Fourth Every one...make it a proud day to be an AMERICAN!