Monday, February 4, 2013

256 Days To Go!

Well this weekend was a great Success. I have 256 day to do until I get married to my best friend! And I can't wait for that day to come. Well on the top note I have found my dress, and it was on sale for 70% off. yes it's last years line but boy oh boy did I fall in love with this dress! Yes it's the one. Now I know that all that shopping was well worth it. After trying on dress after dress and by the the tenth store I was about to cry because I just couldn't fine my dress. But when I was at Kathleen's Bridal in Kaysville it was like the dress just jumped out at me. It was a little to small but it was the dress. There are some things I'm going to change on it. Like the back is a zip up back but I wanted a corset back, and I need a jacket to go over it, easy fix. and I just need to put some pockets in it.  But all and all it is now my dress.. The Dress....I was looking for. I would put a picture up, but I don't want my Fiance finding out what it looks like until the big day. It is a great day here in the Land of Laurie. Well I'm off for now!

Tons of Love,