Thursday, October 27, 2011


So the cupcakes were not to shabby...they turn out really, well I liked them, and so did others. But they were a little to sweet for my taste, next time I make so pumpkin cupcakes I will look at everything before I start to mix. But here they are! There will be better pictures, this one is just from my phone, so not the worlds greats. And yes I am still learning how to take pictures, hopefully the will be better!.

Tons of love.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Making Pumpkin Cupcakes!

So I got at phone call last night and was to the we need to bring treats for our FHE Groups (FamilyHomeEvening) it's a LDS thing, and I was like okay so I can call some one or well I haven't make cupcakes for this ward yet so why not. I got all my stuff out to make this great pumpkin cupcakes...I found the amazing reciep online at Annie's-eat (one of my favorite blogs) and was like why not. Well I'm why not. As I was getting all of my stuff out I thought i grabed the pumpkin pure but i got the pumpkin pie mix, and of all things to not look at i just started to thorw every thing in and the best part of is trying the batter...and it was great well i do like my cakes a little sweeter then most but will see how they go tonight.

tons of love.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

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My peach crisp....

So my mom and i went up to idaho last week and be bought some of the famous Brigham Peaches...well I am one that does not like peaches....mostly the skin on them make me....well you get the point...but I love the taset of them...and so i was thinking of was to eat them...becasue when you buy so many you should eat what you buy right....well my sister was sick and i decide to make dinner for the family and what is dinner with out the desserts. SO I make a peach crisp, and it was really good for the most part but it did not look so much like a crisp and it was so good, to

I'm so in love with this website called getglue.

so one Wednesday I was looking on the Pan Am Show fb page and saw you can get a sticker, and I was like wow I LOVE why not try it right...well to find out it's a blog kind of thing and fell in love with the fact that you can get stickers. Now I'm on it all the's almost better then fb for me...because I'm the only on the page...You should check it out!

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